Bob Becker: Compositions and Publications

Rudimental Arithmetic is now available.

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Click HERE to download a press release about my new book: Rudimental Arithmetic – A Drummer’s Study of Pattern and Rhythm. It’s available now from Keyboard Percussion Publications as well as other retailers. Click HERE to read Mark Ford’s recent review in Percussive Notes (April, 2009). The book was in progress for several years and… Read more »

Bob Becker: List of Compositions

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    Lahara, 1977, drum solo (with melodic and drone accompaniment). Published in 2003 by Keyboard Percussion Publications. Palta, 1982 (revised 1998), tabla or drum set solo, with accompaniment by six percussion, piano and bass. Recorded by NEXUS on Dance of the Octopus (CBC Musica Viva). UrbhanaMudra, 1990, four percussion, choreography by Joan Phillips. Commissioned… Read more »