Percussion “makes music worth listening to”

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Reviewer John Terauds gave a great shout-out to NEXUS this weekend in his excellent review of Rob Power’s new album “Touch”:  “There’s been an explosion (or should we call it striking growth?) in the number of fine percussionists in this country  — largely due to the influence and inspiration of Nexus, the Toronto ensemble founded… Read more »

NEXUS in Barrie: “Wildly Exhilarating”

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Yes, I know you can click over to the PDF posted on our site – but sometimes you don’t have time for that “extra click” and I wanted to make sure you saw this wonderful review!   Sandra Ruttan of the Barrie Examiner reviewed the NEXUS performance with the University of Toronto Winds, conducted by Gillian… Read more »

Review of From me flows what you call Time…

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Here is a lovely review by Gene Tyranny that Bob Becker has discovered on the Midomi site (visit it here to read the original). The review is undated, but provides a most sensitive description of NEXUS’ signature work, Toru Takemitsu’s From me flows what you call Time… Performed by the percussion group Nexus, and the… Read more »

From The Archives #2: Cracking the Majors

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Here is another peek into the NEXUS archives, this time an article by Allan Kozinn in the New York Times of May 3, 1998. The article was headlined “Touring Percussionists Who Aren’t Really Offbeat”, and here are some highlights from Mr Kozinn’s piece: “ONE might have thought that five percussionists who wanted to band together… Read more »

Wings Reviews

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from Wholenote Magazine Among contemporary music fans, NEXUS has long been considered one of the world’s premiere percussion ensembles – and they have been making music of the percussive persuasion for an astonishing 37 years. I think I just may be dating myself when relating that I attended some of their early memorable all-improvised concerts… Read more »