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CD Releases

WINGS – Nexus Records 10915

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NEXUS – WINGS Nexus Records 10915 A Song of Circles and Triangles –Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Sakura (Cherry Blossoms – Traditional) – Toru Takemitsu, arr. by Robin Engelman Just Sing – Bill Cahn

DRUMTALKER – Nexus Records 10713

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NEXUS – DRUMTALKER Nexus Records 10713 The Invisible Proverb (2002) by Russell Hartenberger 1. Okarche 2. Drumtalker 3. Darkwater 4. Sky Ghost

LULLABY – Nexus Records 10612

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with marimbist Leigh Howard Stevens Nexus Records 10612 Lullaby for Esmé – Robin Engelman (13:08) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Bob Becker, solo steel pans Recorded in Burton Auditorium, York University(^) Nocturnal – Jo Kondo (15:13)

WORLD DIARY – NEXUS with Tony Levin – Papa Bear Records

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Papa Bear Records 1-5 – Various artists 6 – Espresso & the Bed of Nails (4:45) by: Nexus and Tony Levin NEXUS with Tony Levin on Chapman Stick Notes: The first sound on the track is T.L.’s Gaggia expresso machine, the last sound is John Wyre’s nail sculpture. This is the short version of the… Read more »

RUNE – Nexus Records 10511

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NEXUS plays the Music of Hawkins, Tenney and Mather A new recording featuring three major works, all commissioned by and composed for Canada’s premier percussion group NEXUS by award-winning Canadian composers John Hawkins, James Tenney and Bruce Mather. Dance Variations(20:55) John Hawkins I (1:46)

NEXUS MEETS PETER SADLO – Vol 1 – Koch 3-1557-2

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Koch International Classics – 3-1557-2 Marubatoo (13:29) John Wyre Fra Fra (5:31) NEXUS Mbira (5:49) NEXUS Remembrance (10:33) Robin Engelman 5-10 – Solo works for percussion performed by Peter Sadlo

TOCCATA – Nexus Records 10410

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a live recording celebrating NEXUS’ 25th Anniversary season 1. Kichari (14:56) NEXUS Recorded in Studio 10, DeutschlandRadio, Berlin, Germany on October 6, 1995. Recorded live for radio broadcast with a studio audience. Recording Engineer: Hans Martin