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Steve Reich’s 80th Birthday Parties

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On October 3, 2016, Steve Reich celebrated his 80th birthday. This festive occasion was the catalyst for a year-long tribute to the man who has been acclaimed as “our greatest living composer” (New York Times) and “the most original musical thinker of our times” (The New Yorker). A quick glance at the concert section of… Read more »

Interview with Ken Shorley

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In July, while I was in St. John’s, Newfoundland participating in Sound Symposium, I was interviewed by Ken Shorley for his Canadian Percussionists. You can see the interview here: All of Ken’s interviews with Canadian Percussionists can be viewed here:


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Dosa, Sambar, Indian coffee, and badam kheer; Ta Di Thom Num, moras, teermanams, and korvai ; humility, warmth, caring, and love.  These are all enduring memories I have of the beloved Ramnad V. Raghavan.  Raghavan passed away last week in Chennai, India at the age of 82. He taught mrdangam and South Indian music at… Read more »

Russell Hartenberger

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Russell Hartenberger is Professor of Percussion at the University of Toronto. He is a member of Nexus and has been a member of Steve Reich and Musicians since 1971. Russell began his percussion studies in Oklahoma City with Alan Abel. After Mr. Abel left Oklahoma City to join the Philadelphia Orchestra, Russell studied with Tom… Read more »

Minimalism and the Music of Steve Reich

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A lecture/workshop which examines the music of Steve Reich in the context of the minimalist movement. Reich’s compositions, from the early phase pieces to the current video theater works will be examined. The workshop will include a study of rhythmic ideas, structural frameworks and performance techniques. Participants will perform some of Reich’s works and learn… Read more »

Rhythm and Time in Music

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A workshop to enable musicians to develop a more comprehensive understanding of rhythm and time in music. This workshop is open to percussionists and non-percussionists. Rhythm in Western music will be examined from a historical perspective. Rhythm in non-Western cultures will be explored and compared to the use of rhythm in Western music. Time in… Read more »

West African Drumming Workshop

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A hands-on workshop in which participants will play drum ensemble music from the Ewe, Akan and Dagomba people of Ghana. The workshop can be for any number of people. Groups of 8-10 people at a time will learn to play pieces on traditional West African instruments. Rhythmic construction of the music will be analyzed and… Read more »