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Moondog’s musical inventions inspire new suite

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Russsell Hartenberger’s new “Moondog Suite” will premiere on June 13th at Open Ears Festival. Russell was inspired to explore Moondog’s work not only by the eccentric composer’s “snaketime” rhythms (see last week’s posting) , his unusual uses of ambient sound, and influences that ranged from Native American through jazz to classical, but also by Moondog’s… Read more »

NEXUS performs with Sepideh Raissadat on June 13

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On June 13 NEXUS and the Iranian vocalist Sepideh Raissadat join forces in a unique concert performance at the Open Ears Festival (Registry Theatre, Kitchener, ON). Russell Hartenberger has created several very special new arrangements for NEXUS and voice that will receive their premiere at the concert.  Sepideh was born in Tehran, and began studying… Read more »

Birthday wishes to Ray Dillard

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This week, join us in wishing our Business Manager and Recording Engineer/Producer Ray Dillard a very happy birthday! In addition to his many and varied duties for NEXUS –  everything from bill paying, banking, logistics, instrument loading, recording, and just general wonderful support –  Ray records and  advises other artists too, and has a busy… Read more »

NEXUS at Open Ears Festival in June

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We are excited to share the news with you that NEXUS will be a part of the Open Ears Festival in June. This innovative art-and-sound festival in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, only happens every two years.

Looking back to World Drums 1986

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Join us on Facebook to see a wonderful collection of photos of John Wyre’s World Drums at Expo 86 in Vancouver, Canada. The photos have been shared with us by Barry Burns who was production stage manager with the Expo 86 entertainment department and today is with the Shaw Festival. Barry says that World Drums… Read more »

Percussion “makes music worth listening to”

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Reviewer John Terauds gave a great shout-out to NEXUS this weekend in his excellent review of Rob Power’s new album “Touch”:  “There’s been an explosion (or should we call it striking growth?) in the number of fine percussionists in this country  — largely due to the influence and inspiration of Nexus, the Toronto ensemble founded… Read more »

Are you ready for PASIC 2013?

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If you have been following us on Facebook, you will know that the NEXUS members are heading to Indianapolis for the 2013 Percussive Arts Society International Conference. Russell Hartenberger is going to be on the World Percussion Committee’s panel along with B. Michael Williams, Shawn Mativetsky, and Michael Spiro with Neeraj Mehta as “referee”. Bill… Read more »

Robin Engelman on the NEXUS World Tour 1984

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NEXUS founding member emeritus, Robin Engelman, has been typing up his diary of the NEXUS 1984 World Tour! You can find Parts 1 to 4 on his blog. Here are the links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Enjoy!  

NEXUS and the Notorious Bank Robber

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It was announced this week that the notorious bank robber Stephen Reid has won a $5000 literary award for his collection of essays penned in prison. Reid’s life and philosophy were the subject of the 2007 documentary “Inside Time” for which NEXUS provided the sound track. The film (directed by Jason Young and produced by… Read more »