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The Magic and Mystery of Cymbals (lecture-demonstration)

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Brief history of the modern Turkish cymbal and etymology of terms. Discussion and demonstration of basic types of crashes, special effects with two plates, techniques for suspended cymbals, and options for selecting and combining cymbals. Discussion and demonstration, using excerpts from the symphonic and contemporary repertoire, of approaches to performance issues such as misleading and/or… Read more »

Melodic Snare Drumming and Rudimental Arithmetic

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Melodic Snare Drumming is a conceptual approach to playing snare drum that involves physically hearing or – equally well – imagining a melodic accompaniment while performing or practicing. This idea is in fact very old, and for centuries was the system through which military-style drumming was taught, practiced and played. The first part of the… Read more »

North Indian Drumming (lecture-demonstration)

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Discussion of the tabla – the most important percussion instrument in North Indian classical music: construction of the instruments; historical and cultural placement; basic aspects of the playing technique; repertoire and the structure of traditional solo performance; accompaniment techniques and improvisation. Will include demonstration performance on the drums. Questions and answers are a desirable aspect… Read more »

West African Drumming (hands-on workshop)

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Discussion of basic structural principles found in many West African drum ensemble traditions: cyclic repetition; rhythmic ambiguity; conversation. Drum families and varieties of construction methods. Basic hand and stick techniques. Social aspects of music in African cultures. Most of the workshop is devoted to learning several traditional ensemble styles drawn primarily from the ethnic groups… Read more »

Xylophone History and Performance Concepts (lecture-demonstration)

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Discussion of the ancestry of the hybrid North American xylophone and the history of its development through the Deagan era. Discussion, using recorded historical examples, of the development of playing styles from around the turn of the century through 1940. Particular attention to G.H. Green and his styles of improvisation. 1.5 hour minimum, 2 hours… Read more »

Ragtime Xylophone Intensive (hands-on course)

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The aim of the course is to provide a conceptual framework for performance of the classic solo xylophone repertoire of the first half of the twentieth century. The main thrust will be toward developing a general feeling for style and a basic acquaintance with the repertoire, as well as defining approaches to improvisation via the… Read more »

The Music of Steve Reich (hands-on workshop)

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Discussion and demonstration of special techniques used in the early, percussion-based works of the composer Steve Reich: building-up of rhythmic patterns; canonic repetition; phasing; identifying and imitating resultant patterns in multiple out-of-phase canons. The actual hands-on activity in this workshop should be limited to four or five advanced performers, as the concepts involved take some… Read more »