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Introduction to Improvisation

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Presented By Bill Cahn improvise (im-pro-viz’), v.t. to compose extemporaneously, especially verse or music, bring about on a sudden, or without previous preparation; devise on the spur of the moment, or for a special occasion: v.i. to compose extemporaneously; do a thing in an offhand way. improvisation (im-prov-i-sa’ shun), n. the act of improvising; (in… Read more »

Interview with Laura Hartenberger

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(10th Grade Student at the Oakwood Collegiate School in Toronto – November 2000) Q. What is a regular day like in your life? What sort of daily activities does your job involve? A. My daily activities have changed quite a bit over the years. Every day is unique and different in some way. Today, November… Read more »

Rotterdam Conservatory Interview

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Subject: A request from Rotterdam Conservatory Percussion Dept. Students Dear Ozgu Bulut & Martijn Krijnen, In October 2000, I had the pleasure of visiting your beautiful Conservatory in Rotterdam with my friend, Peter Prommel. I was a jurist in Eindhoven for the Tromp Muziek Biënnale Percussion Competition. I also enjoyed meeting and working with Willem… Read more »

Interview with Susan Conkling

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Interview with Bill Cahn of NEXUS – September 28, 1999 by Susan W. Conkling, Associate Professor of Music Education Eastman School of Music Conkling: Describe your musical career: Cahn: It’s important to know that I grew up in Philadelphia, which, at the time (1960s) had one of the most comprehensive public school music programs in… Read more »

Bill Cahn Artist-in-Residence in Japan

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Percussionist Bill Cahn Artist-in-Residence at Showa University of Music in Kanagawa, Japan December 5 to 17, 1998 Showa University in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, has announced that Bill Cahn will be featured in the University’s Artist-in-Residence program. Mr. Cahn’s residency will consist of: workshops on subjects related to percussion performance and history masterclasses… Read more »

The Responsibilities of a Professional Principal Percussionist

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This article was written for the Atlanta Percussion Newsletter in October 1991 by Bill Cahn A symphony orchestra, or for that matter any large organization comprised of many different people, is a complex and frequently difficult-to-understand entity. Seventy to one-hundred highly educated professionals – all having unique backgrounds in the study of their particular musical… Read more »