The challenges of Cage, in Austin TX, Thursday

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Bill, Bob, Garry, Russell and Ray are heading to Austin TX this week to take in the sounds and sights of the Percussive Arts Society’s International Conference. They will be performing John Cage’s “lost work” The City Wears A Slouch Hat for the Focus Showcase Concert this Thursday, a new commission from the John Cage Trust. Later in November, NEXUS will be recording and premiering this new work – complete with additional components of live stage action and a new Mikel Rouse film – at Bard College, New York. If you have been following us on our FaceBook page, you will have seen Bill Cahn’s new pedal-operated water gong that he has designed and built. He has also been working on creative approaches for the piece’s many sound requirements (for example a steamboat whistle, an alarm), working out electronics that allow immediate sounding when triggered, impossible with CDs or other pre-recordings. The photo here was taken at a recent NEXUS …Slouch… rehearsal, with Garry doing the conducting honours, while Ray (not shown) was busy with other logistics. In Austin, Ray will be conducting. Cage: always a challenge! Check it out in Austin! (You can read more about the Slouch Hat story here,  and a little bit of NEXUS’s PASIC and Austin history here. )

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