Creative Programming in Little Rock, Arkansas

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NEXUS will be in residence at the Episcopal Collegiate School in Little Rock Arkansas, March 13 and 14. Our host, percussionist Erick Saoud, has NEXUS happily filling every moment with student interactions. Day One begins with a short assembly where NEXUS has a chance to talk about who they are and what they do: a “biographical seminar”, if you will.

Throughout the two days, NEXUS members will sit in on the regular percussion classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to listen to pieces and offer suggestions in an informal setting. NEXUS will lunch in the Dining Hall with the students to provide maximum interaction. Bob Becker will present his History of Xylophone workshop on Day One as well, and the day ends with a NEXUS/Student dress rehearsal for the next day’s joint concert.

Day Two, NEXUS will present a solo concert to the full student body with talking and demonstrations throughout, and after lunch, Bill Cahn will give his Creative Music Making workshop in the afternoon. The grand finale to the two-day residency is the Student Percussion Ensembles Concert with NEXUS participating.

Talk about “bang for your buck”! If there had been no time constraints, Erick would have had NEXUS working with his choir students too…..maybe next time! This is the kind of programming that is possible in an educational setting with NEXUS.