“has performed with every major symphony orchestra in Canada and the United States, as well as with orchestras in London, Birmingham, Germany, Tokyo, France, Norway, Taipei, and Finland”

In response to the request on NEXUS’ Facebook, here are a few more John Cage recollections.   In June, 1984 NEXUS embarked on a major European tour lasting over two months. Our first stop on the trip was Amsterdam and the Holland Festival. We played two concerts there, including a monumental all-night improvisation in the… Read more »

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On Friday, April 1 Ruth and I walked into an antique shop in Caledonia, New York, and I was almost immediately drawn to a colorful item sitting on one of the tables; it was a very nice rope snare drum. The shop’s proprietor told me that it was brought into the shop by a Civil… Read more »

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Here is a blogpost I made on the Cambridge University Press site.  Check it out HERE.

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I recently attended a performance of the New York Theatre Ballet entitled Legends & Visionaries. It took place at the cool little theater of New York Live Arts on 19th Street in Manhattan (newyorklivearts.org). The dance performance included a work by Philip Glass entitled Etudes for Piano, nos. 1-10, arranged by Josh Quillen, the director… Read more »

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