“has made over 25 recordings, many on its own label”

In response to the request on NEXUS’ Facebook, here are a few more John Cage recollections.   In June, 1984 NEXUS embarked on a major European tour lasting over two months. Our first stop on the trip was Amsterdam and the Holland Festival. We played two concerts there, including a monumental all-night improvisation in the… Read more »

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Tuesday September 29, 2015 Bill: Look Outside. What’s that large white thing on the front lawn? I didn’t see that yesterday. Ruth: It looks like a dead animal. Bill: Or is it somebody’s misplaced beachball? Let’s go out and see. Both: Wow! It’s a giant puffball. Let’s see what our mushroom book says about puffballs…. Read more »

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Click the link below to download my article about John Cage from the September 2012 issue of Percussive Notes. Encounters with John Cage

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Right here in the little village of Woodstock, NY, a major film festival is now in its 16th year: WoodstockFilmFestival.com. This season, I am happy to report that our 8-minute film, Chimes for Autism: Tyler’s Story, was accepted in the short documentary category and had two sold out screenings during the festival. There were five… Read more »

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