“(To the Toronto Symphony Orchestra following the NEXUS Strike, Rattle & Bow! Concert:) I just wanted to congratulate you on running an excellent student concert this year. I was there today for the Grade 1012 concert and absolutely loved the programme. My kids certainly did too. Best concert in years.”
- Marilyn Mandziuk Erindale Secondary School

In 1993 two major composers – Michael Colgrass and Bruce Mather  – began work on commissions for NEXUS. Mather, an intimate friend of Robin Engelman, had already composed two quartet pieces for us: Clos de Vougeot (recorded on the LP Changes in 1982) and Clos d’Audignac (recorded on the CD Rune in 1997). The new… Read more »

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Another instrument inquiry from my email basket: Question: “I’m curious as to how Humperdinck wrote the part [for cuckoo in his opera, ‘Hänsel und Gretel’] calling for this specific instrument, and having it in the percussion part? Was this a common instrument in Germany at the time? Or, [was it] having to do with silent… Read more »

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Percussive Notes recently published my article about the making of The Cambridge Companion to Percussion. 

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We designed the Chimalong® to help children develop creativity at an early age. When our two daughters were young, I found little on the market that would inspire them to learn music, so I decided to create a metallophone from musically tuned Woodstock Chime tubes, and the Chimalong was born. Little did we know that… Read more »

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