“has been together for an astonishing 40 years, and continues to break new ground.”

In 1982 I was able to organize a commission for a new work from the distinguished Canadian composer John Hawkins (1944 – 2007). I wanted something that would feature a substantial solo marimba part for me, within the context of a serious percussion ensemble piece that could be performed by NEXUS. At the time I… Read more »

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As indicated in earlier blog postings, I regularly receive questions about percussion performance and history through email.  Below are three such communications – Questions (Q) and my responses (A): Question about my ragtime xylophone arrangements Question about the clapper in “Rogosanti” by James Wood Question about a recording made by George Hamilton Green Question 1)… Read more »

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On November 8, 2017, I was presented with the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts which is conferred by the World Cultural Council (WCC). The award ceremony was held at Leiden University in the Netherlands and many dignitaries were in attendance including Sabine Nölke, Canadian Ambassador to the Netherlands. The World Cultural Council is… Read more »

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That’s what our 2-year-old grandson, Lucca, calls me. Lucca now has a baby sister, our second grandchild, Siena, who just came into the world. When our daughters were born back in the 1980s, everyone said, “Enjoy it while you can because they grow up so fast.” It is so true and I understand this fully… Read more »

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