“… combining old, new, world music, ragtime, humour, musical excellence… commitment, precision and passion… originality, power and skill.”
source: Toronto

In response to the request on NEXUS’ Facebook, here are a few more John Cage recollections.   In June, 1984 NEXUS embarked on a major European tour lasting over two months. Our first stop on the trip was Amsterdam and the Holland Festival. We played two concerts there, including a monumental all-night improvisation in the… Read more »

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In the fall season of 1967 I received a phone call from John Wyre, the timpanist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. I was in my senior year at the Eastman School of Music. It was also my second year as the first-call extra percussionist in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, where Robin Engelman was the only… Read more »

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Here is a blogpost I made on the Cambridge University Press site.  Check it out HERE.

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I recently attended a performance of the New York Theatre Ballet entitled Legends & Visionaries. It took place at the cool little theater of New York Live Arts on 19th Street in Manhattan (newyorklivearts.org). The dance performance included a work by Philip Glass entitled Etudes for Piano, nos. 1-10, arranged by Josh Quillen, the director… Read more »

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