“The timbre is so rich… it opens up your ears… revitalizes”
source: Orange Co., CA

Xylomusic has recently published Becker’s Best, a collection of Bob’s most effective technique exercises for the xylophone and marimba. All of the studies in the book can be practiced to build speed and accuracy, and after they are learned at tempo they make a great daily warm-up routine. The book is available through Steve Weiss… Read more »

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As mentioned in several previous blog postings, I frequently receive emailed questions on various percussion-related subjects. Question: After seeing the tubophone photo in your blog posting titled, “Instruments You Can’t Buy (Part 1 – Orchestra Repertoire)“ I’m considering the possibility of constructing one.  Can you offer any suggestions? Response: For the tubophone described in the blog,… Read more »

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Click the link below to download my article about John Cage from the September 2012 issue of Percussive Notes. Encounters with John Cage

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Every now and then I have the pleasure of working with young students and it happened recently when I was invited to give workshops and a concert at the Wilbraham Monson Academy in central Massachusetts. The students there were wonderfully receptive to the concepts and ideas that I presented relating to instrument building, tuning, business… Read more »

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